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Cycling in Nevada

Nevada consists of an authentic and interesting desert area, interrupted by north-south running mountain ranges.

Abbreviation:   NV          Time zone:   Pacific Time

Cycling conditions
The state has an education program for prospective cyclists and motorists. There is a number of routes which are not all consistently signed.

LandscapeNevada is part of the Great Basin and consists of desert, interrupted by numerous, (mostly from north to south running) mountain ranges. Except in the extreme northeast, where rivers drain to the Snake River, and southeast, where rivers drain to the Colorado River, rivers disappear either by dehydration or by drainage to in unvented, salt lakes. The desert region is authentic, it offers the visitor a rough and interesting nature.

Nevada is the state with the lowest rainfall. The prevailing desert climate means very hot and dry summers. In winter it is cool. Differences between day and night temperatures can be extreme.
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