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Cycling in various States

Each U.S. state has its own characteristic beauty. Click on a state for more information about the scenery, the climate, the bicycle-friendliness and the best season for a wonderful cycling holiday!


North America is ideal for nature lovers and cycling is the best way to see the beautiful nature of Canada. Best time for cycling is from spring to autumn.

glacier bay-regio


Bicycle tours over quiet roads through the overwhelming nature of Alaska. Beautiful cycling tours in the Glacier Bay Nation Park region.



Arizona has many opportunities for mountain bikers. The scenery is magnificent and the landscape is grand and varied, including the Monument Valley and Grand Canyon.

01 (42)regio


Cycling is 'hot' in California and we offer a large selection of bike tours during almost the entire year. A popular destination. ‘Easy going’ and varied.

rocky mountain N


The most beautiful state in the USA? At least for the mountain bikers. Spectacular routes in the Rocky Mountains with gorgeous views.

connecticut R 01


Connecticut is mostly covered with woods and forests. The northwest is mountainous and hilly, the coastal region is relatively flat.



The American coast. Nice biking along the Miami beaches or a tour to the tip of the Keys.

shenandoah N


Nice and easy cycling in the Georgia coastal region. A forested inland with the Blue Ridge Mountains. Rural countryside and traditional southern hospitality.



Six large and over a hundred small tropical islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Vulcanic landscape with unique wildlife.



Excellent cycling in untouched nature. Idaho is mountainous and part of the Rocky Mountains. Only in the southeast there are flat parts.

Regio Kansas


The state can be divided into the upper Great Plains (1250 meters) in the west and the lower Central Plain (200 meters) in the east.

lousiana R


Louisiana is a flat state with lots of woods and forests. The state is part of the coastal plain along the Gulf of Mexico.

cape-neddick re


Maine is the state of lakes, rivers and the sea. Cycling is in the rugged, yet idyllic coastline. Excellent bike touring options.

chesapeake web


Maryland is dominated by the Chesapeake Bay. Inland there is a beautiful hilly region with some relaxed cycling tours.



Cycling tours along the beautiful coastline of Massachusetts, A hilly inland region with typical New England villages are also the perfect backdrop for enjoyable bike tours.

DSC00263 stefan r


Minnesota is quite flat. In the north there are large areas of conifer forests. In the west and south mostly prairie.



Relaxed cycling during spring and autumn along the Natchez Trace. Or a long tour along the Mississippi river.

Regio Yellowstone Dineke 4


Montana is large and not very populated states and nature is beautiful. The lies on the Continental Divide, the rain separation line.

P6172028 Gijs r


Nevada consists of an authentic and interesting desert area, interrupted by north-south running mountain ranges.

regio New_Hampshire

New Hampshire

The charming New England villages of New Hamsphire guarantee a pleasant cycling atmosphere. Beautiful nature with a bit of wilderness.


New Jersey

Outside the crowds there are good cycling options in the industrialized state of New Jersey. The state has the proud nickname 'Garden State'.


New Mexico

No large cities in New Mexico, but a beautiful landscape with the Great Plains and mountain ranges. Nice to enjoy from the seat of your bicycle.

IMG_2329syl reg

New York

New York State has a varied landscape with the Great Lakes situated in the northwest. A guarantee for beautiful bike tours, also in NYC.

Regio N

North Carolina

The south starts in North Carolina, with lazy towns and plantations. Inland the famous mountain top bike tour: the Blue Ridge Parkway.

47-web regio

North Dakota

North Dakota has a remarkable mountain bike region at its western border. This is the state with Indian culture, endless prairies and tranquility.

4-Gold Beach


Great cycling along the Pacific coast of Oregon. Or more inland, over the hills or through the fertile Williamette Valley.



Traditional farmland in Pennsylvania with extensive estates. No other state has so many quiet cycling friendly country roads.

Fietsvakantie Rhode Island

Rhode Island

The smallest state in the USA is not an island. Relaxed cycling along the beaches and through the unexplored interior.


South Carolina

The state of South Carolina gradually rises from the west coast (with some beautiful beaches to bicycle along) to the hilly and rural interior.

R Mt

South Dakota

Lots of bicycling option in the Black Hills region and along the Mickelson Trail. Mount Rushmore is the big attraction of South Dakota.

Tennesee 2987R


Tennessee has three scenic regions. Because of the height differences there is a rich variety in flora and fauna.



Texas means large hats and cows with huge horns. Everything here is great and truly American. This state offers surprisingly good cycling options.

P6071497 gijs regio


Utah has a rugged landscape with strange rock formations. With the most national parks, this is a top mountain bike region.

Fietsvakantie Vermont


Vermont lies in the heart of the New England region. Cycling through beautiful countryside, tranquil villages, rivers, lakes and forests.



Nature and culture go hand in hand in Virginia. Beautiful cycling tours along the American history and through the Piedmont hills.



This western state has a spectacular landscape of mountains, water and rain forests. Cycling is taken serious in Washington.



Wyoming is famous for its Yellowstone National Park. Outside this miracle there is more beauty to enjoy during a bike tour.

1 NW AztecAventura-01-Aztec Temple


Mexico has traditionally been among the most visited countries in the world.

1 nw surfsup-02- Granada-Nicaraqua


Often cycling on unpaved roads, but every time a highlight.

nw SurfsUp-03-Guatemala market


Guatemala is known for its beautiful nature, the volcanoes, the maya culture. It is a very tough country to cycle through many steep climbs, especially if you leave the busy main roads. But very worthwhile, because it is a beautiful country and highly recommended by bike.

nw VolcanoesPanamaHats04-Panama Canal


This country is known for the Panama Canal. The 81 kilometer long canal divides the country in two. Panama has a particularly rich flora and fauna. You cycle through rainforests, mountain areas, national parks and mangrove forests.

I Manuel Antonio syl

Costa Rica

The bicycle is the ideal way to get around the beautiful landscape of Costa Rica. In addition to the beautiful views that you will encounter, you will also come to places where you would normally not come!

Undiscovered Country 3


Colombia is a fantastic country for cycling. Nature is beautiful, the people are wonderful. Cycling is very popular in Colombia.

NW Coffee Cocoa 3


Ecuador is known for the Inca ruins, the Amazon region, the Andes mountains and the many (active) volcanoes.

NW Gringo Trail 1


Cycling in Peru is very beautiful, but it can also be tough.

new TDA SAE Salt


Bolivia has beautiful unpaved routes, but also more and more beautiful asphalt roads.

SAE El Chalten- Mt Fitzroy Argentina


Argentina is one of the largest countries in the world. The beautiful landscape with active volcanoes, clear glacial lakes and extensive primeval forests and of course the impressive mountain ranges of the Andes offer the opportunity to make beautiful cycling trips.

SAE waterfalls


Chile is a beautiful country to cycle through.

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