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Jun, 28 2019 - New York State and Brew:
"The New York Bike and Brew tour was pretty great overall. The towns that were visited and the accommodations and restaurants were great. The only negative was the printed out directions that were to be followed without an actual rider from the tour with them. Since there were only 2 guys, the "leader" was in a car. Other than that, it was fun!"
Jul, 02 2018 - Stephen Bailey - Mt.Rushmore and Badlands:
"USA Bike Tours provide a highly professional and attentive service. While they are not able to guarantee that things will always go to plan, they sure know how to respond when needs arise.
Feb, 23 2018 - Desert Winter Sunshine:
"This tour was really +++ - with a very good organization and adaptation to group members -
we had something that never happens in the winter in Arizona, 2 days of rain ...
but even with rain this was amazing !"
Oct, 02 2017 - Northern Shenandoah Valley:
"The tour was very good, great unique hotels and good choice of restaurants. Changeable weather, but overall a great tour."
Aug, 08 2017 - Cross Country Challenge:
"Joepie! Gehaald! Het laatste stukje zit erop. Met zeer gemengde gevoelens ga ik weg want ik ben nog lang niet moe van het fietsen en het was zo geweldig. Gisteravond hebben we een geweldig afscheidsfeest gehad. Iedereen kreeg een certificaat dat we de USA cross country van kust naar kust hebben afgelegd met onze fiets. Persoonlijk vind ik het eigenlijk geen prestatie maar er zijn mensen die dat wel zo zien. Ik heb alleen maar genoten."
Jul, 27 2017 - New England S.G.:
"Overall a top note for this trip! We are very satisfied."
Jun, 12 2017 - Coast to Coast:
"I do miss my fellow travelers and being on the trip more than I anticipated. The simplicity and clarity of my existence, while riding, is what I miss the most."
Jun, 12 2017 - Coast to Coast:
"I miss the the routine we set for ourselves on the trip, our fellow riders and the wonderful things we saw and learned about our country."
May, 03 2016 - Coast-2-Coast Ride:
"I have had a fantastic Coast-2-Coast Ride. Recommended to anyone who has the opportunity, I was indifferent, naive and ignorant at first, but it came into balance! Positivity everywhere."
Apr, 27 2016 - Virginia:
"We really loved the tour in Virginia. The accomodation was excellent, also the meals. Thank you very much for everything!"
Jan, 20 2016 - A great time:
"I had a great time on this tour. Guides were very attentive to those who were slower that the stronger riders."
Oct, 09 2015 - Loved it:
"This was an outstanding tour. A great mix of challenging biking options for less enthusiastic riders and a great mix of tours and interesting spots along the way. I highly recommend this tour. Loved it."
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