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Our mission

Our mission is to stimulate awareness of healthy and active leisure time pursuits, and to promote cycling as the best activity to do this. In particular we want to introduce bike tours in the U.S. to tourists living in Europe. We know that cycle touring is the best way to meet new people and also fully experience local cultures at first hand.

The company

USA Bike Tours is based in Diemen, the Netherlands. Each member of our team has his/her own specific expertise in the areas of marketing innovation, sales region and Information-Internet technology. The team is small enough so that each person knows exactly what the others are doing. We strongly believe in the concept "small is beautiful" - a balanced combination of ICT, personal touch and attention to detail. This results in better long-term relationships with our partners, and high levels of dedication in supporting and facilitating our clients.

Theo Jorna, Constance Hughes, Nancy Stallard and Sylvia Hemelaar.

contact:   tel NL: +31-20-6958085| Skype | tel USA: +1-625-980-3949| email
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