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Texas Hill Country Bike Tour

Road bike
Deluxe, full board
Texas, San Antonio

Our Texas Hill Country bike tour offers a good ol’ time deep in the heart of Texas. Enjoy exceptional cycling on a web of country lanes through rolling terrain where you see more Texas Longhorns than vehicles.
Before your trip, you’ll arrive in San Antonio, where a vibrant music scene and cycling culture reigns. On the road, treat yourself to an authentic Texas BBQ at the Salt Lick  and enjoy live music and two-step dancing at the state’s oldest dance hall all outside in the warm air.
Our Texas Hill Country bike tour will show you another side to the state you probably never thought existed; lush fields bursting with vibrant bluebonnets, evocative cypress forests and old world small town wineries. This journey around one of the Lone Star State’s most beautiful regions both surprises and delights.

6 days
350 mi
$ 3,190.-
Cycling conditions Texas has no Bike Master Plan yet, to protect cyclists. The government support for bicycle projects is still under development. Landscape Texas is the second largest state in the U.S. (the size of Britain and France combined) and therefore there are a lot of different landscapes. From east to west these are: the Gulf Coastal Plains, the piece that borders the Gulf of Mexico and that consists of flat lowlands. The fertile and hilly Prairie Plains. The Rolling Plains, hilly country farther west that gradually increases in height. The Great Plains, the western part. The Panhandle, dry barren plains with deep canyons. The Basin and Range Region in the southwest, with dry high plains, already part of the Rocky Mountains, including the Guadalupe Mountains. Climate Texas is so large that there are big climatic differences. The southeast is subtropical and coastal region sometimes hunid.The Northwest has a continental climate with hot summers. Most rainfall during the summer.
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