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The Tetons are not merely rocks, they are a fountain of energy. Along the valley floor, our tour opens on mountain bikes as we ride through the Bridger-Teton National Forest and across open Bull Moose and bison ranges. With no foothills, the Grand Teton Mountains rise sharply from the valley floor. In the distance, the unmistakable whistle of elk pierces the silence. Along our journey, we encounter the area’s numerous natural attractions, including Old Faithful and Yellowstone Lake. At the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone we gaze upon a magnificent waterfall which plunges over a 500-foot striated cliff into a mist-veiled valley. As we ride alongside the Gros Ventre and Wind River mountain ranges we pedal past tributaries of the Snake River. Here we raft the rapids and experience this big western wilderness in a whole new way. We take a ferry across majestic Jenny Lake, hike up Cascade Canyon located in the heart of the Tetons, and test out our skills on the rock with a beginner rock climbing adventure. This unique multi-sport adventure focuses on the best outdoor adventures the Tetons have to offer. Additionally, we give you the option to complete each day from either a beautiful camping setting or casual inns tour. Either way, we know you will enjoy!

Road bike
6 days
$ 3,788.-
  • Cycling in Grand Teton NP and Yellowstone NP.
  • Jackson Hole 14-Man White Water Raft Snake River.
  • Rock Climbing and Hiking Tetons .
  • Hike two-miles down to the breathtaking Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River.
  • Deposit for this tour is $500.-pp



Road bike
6 days
Easy = untrained, normal physical condition
Moderate = regular cyclist, good condition
Challenging = experienced, well trained
Guided = with cycling guide(s) - support van
Self Guided = individual - directions+maps
Daily distance
0-20 km / 0-12 mi
Deluxe = 4-5 star hotel or excellent B&B
Basic = 1-2 star hotel/motel or B&B
Camping = tent, sports hall or campus
Deluxe, full board
Luggage transport
Daily luggage transfers
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03 Jul 2022 - 08 Jul 2022
10 Jul 2022 - 15 Jul 2022
17 Jul 2022 - 22 Jul 2022
24 Jul 2022 - 29 Jul 2022
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Jackson Hole
Jackson Hole
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Jackson Hole airport
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Jackson Hole airport

Prices *Please note the prices are subject to change depending availability*

Price per person / please note the prices are subject to change depending availability
The tour price per person
$ 3,788.-


Included / Not Included – lodging

Day 1 | Antelope Flats.

Meet in Jackson. Our adventure launches from Jackson, the phenomenal majesty of the 40-mile long Tetons spread akin to a royal procession, pushed up to the sky’s very edge before our humble tour. Our route stays mostly within the 310,000-acre Grand Teton National Park and the adjoining National Forest. Along with 2.2-million acre Yellowstone National Park, plus adjoining national forests, we’re immersed in, and moreover nurtured by no less than 18-million acres of wilderness. Called the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, our group experiences the world’s largest intact biome or bionetwork (at mid latitude). Put another way, we’re cycling amidst the largest concentration of big and small mammals in the Lower 48: Wyoming moose to Grizzly bear, wolf, Bison and Bighorn sheep, elk, Black bear, Pronghorn antelope to puma, Mountain goat, otter, Bald eagle, Pine Marten to Marmot. Our ride is smooth and scenic and a great introduction to our week.

Day 2 | Jackson Hole 14-Man White Water Raft Snake River –

The coolest thing you’ll do all summer! Today’s adventure takes us to the Snake River. A 1078-mile tributary of the Columbia, the Snake River originates in Wyoming. Discharging 54,830-cubic feet per second (on average), the Snake then carves its way across Southern Idaho. This is the place the legendary Ansel Adams shot his iconic, 1942 black and white image: the Snake river–also called Mud, Shoshone and Yam-pah-pa—bent at a serpent-like hard right beneath the 13,775-ft high Tetons. We plunge through 8 miles of rapids at every turn along the Snake River. Legendary rapids like Big Kahuna, Lunch Counter and Cottonwood are waiting to soak you. After Lunch relax back in Jackson.

Day 3 | Shadow Mountain and Teton National Park

Meet-up late morning in Jackson, at The Inn at Jackson Hole. Departing from the base of the Jackson Hole resort, we’ll shuttle approximately 20-miles north into the 3.4-million acre Bridger-Teton National Forest, America’s third largest national forest (outside Alaska). At the trailside, we’ll enjoy lunch, indulge in informal introductions; then it’s ride time. Our introductory ride in the Tetons unfolds on Shadow Mountain. A 12-mile loop system, Shadow Mountain is rated a four-star/intermediate trail. In terms of profile, Shadow Mountain peaks out at 8213-ft. elevation; we’ll climb 1493-ft, and drop an equal degree. But what you can’t quantify are the unparalleled views of the Tetons, looming just across the Snake River from our route: a phenomenally gorgeous sweep, the shark’s teeth of the Tetons soaring into enormous azure-colored skies Incredibly, Lewis and Clark missed these by turns formidable and frigid mountains, conspicuous for their absence from the famous voyager’s notes and journals. Our treads suffer no such oversight, digging into full figured bank turns and perfectly buffed singletrack on the far end, leading up to a van pickup at the trailhead. With today’s ride complete, we’ll shuttle into the eastern section of 310,044-acre Teton National Park. The latter is home to not only the 2000-lb bison, but also North America’s smallest bird: the Calliope Hummingbird, its weight equivalent to two paper clips. Besides plucky birds to bison herds, if luck is with us we might also sight moose.

Day 4 | Rock Climbing and Hiking Tetons

Today we take a short shuttle to Jenny Lake in Teton NP. This will be an early morning, because we will be spending a full day in the Teton Backcountry on foot. The adventure starts with a shoe and harness fitting we will take a ferry across majestic Jenny Lake. We will then hike up Cascade Canyon located in the heart of the Tetons. This is where we will get to test out our skills on the rock. You will spend the day climbing routes based on your ability. This program works well and is the most popular for individuals, groups of friends, and families. . Leaving Teton National Park, we cross into the 3.4-million acre Bridger-Teton National Forest, the third largest outside Alaska.

Day 5 | Hike Yellowstone

After a hearty and superb breakfast, we shuttle into Yellowstone National Park. After a quick stop at West Thumb, we will begin our drive past beautiful Yellowstone Lake. Along Grand Loop Road we pass herds of wild bison and other wildlife. Near Artist Point, we stop to hike two-miles down to the breathtaking Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River. The roaring splendor of the Upper and Lowers Falls unfolds before us from a canyon overlook, conjuring an open-air Imax Theatre, its columns plunging dramatically into the Yellowstone River. A tributary of the Missouri River, the 692-mile long Yellowstone was so named for the yellow sandstone bluffs highlighting the canyon walls. Finally, our day winds down at Old Faithful. Blowing every 44 to 125-minutes, Old Faithful’s cone geyser reaches a height of 106 to 185-ft. Finishing out the day we cross over the Continental Divide then shuttle back to Gros Ventre.

Day 6 | Munger Mountain

Our final ride could be defined as something of a victory lap: a triumphal celebration of an epic Teton tour, though via the throttle back, super enjoyable Munger Mountain loop. Rated between 4.2 and a full 5/5, Munger Mountain, reduced to a schematic unfolds akin to a figure eight. Topo-wise, Munger is spiked by two climbs. Peaking out at 7100-ft., we’ll gain 1500-ft. of climbing, while dropping 1400-ft. before resolving into some short, more techie stretches. This network looms south of Jackson and Wilson, offering an a la carte selection of additional loops. Emerging from big, dense Pine and Aspen groves between a beautiful blur of high meadows, we’ll enjoy lunch alongside the trail. Then its closeout time, shuttling back to Jackson, a van full of dirt heroes: all ear-to-ear smiles, softening lines around the eyes, trading and sharing their respective “best” moments.

Authorized Permittee of the National Park Service.

* This is a general itinerary. Tour itineraries are subject to change based on the group, available accommodations and other unforeseen circumstances such as the weather, local conditions, government intervention, that may affect the quality of the trip and/or safety of the participants. Please view this itinerary as an outline as to what to expect on this tour.


5 Nights hotel
Meals (except where noted on itineraries), snacks, non-alcoholic beverages
Backcountry permits, licenses, park fees
At least two professionally trained trip leaders,
A mobile first aid and mechanic station,
Spare bikes, and a support vehicle(s).

not included

Airfare to and from departure point
Lodging before or after the tour
Bicycle rental, see PDF below, For multi-sport tours, daily bike rental fees are charged on mountain biking days only.
Gratuity Guides


Night 1 - 4: The Lodge at Jackson Hole
Night 5: Lake Yellowstone Hotel
While we do our best to bring you the above hotel accommodations, lodging may vary depending on your departure date. Ask for single fee prices.


Leaders prepare all of your picnic style lunches and breakfasts and dinners are served in the best local restaurants.


Weather predictions in this area are often unreliable due to the elevation, so it is best to be prepared for cold nights and inclement weather. Please use the following locations when
checking the weather online: JACKSON, WY

Map & Routes



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