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Hawaii is famous for its sandy beaches and vibrant sunsets. However, our tours also help you discover a quieter and more authentic Hawaii: the quiet lanes and cattle farms of the Waimea highlands; laid-back, tropical Hilo; the magical Red Road of Puna; Volcanoes National Park; and the coffee plantations of the Kona coast. There are, of course, also the classic Hawaiian beaches with palm trees and jaw-dropping sunsets. And, after all that cycling adventure, many guests choose to stay at a beach-side resort for some well-earned rest and relaxation

Recreational, Road bike
6 days
290 km / 180 mi
$ 2,850.-
  • Classic white-sand beaches, palm trees and vibrant sunsets at Waikoloa
  • Quiet lanes and rugged cattle farms in the highlands around Waimea
  • Two active volcanoes in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
  • A breadth of climates and terrain
  • An option to circumnavigate the entire island
  • Luxuriating in a tropical paradise in between your cycling days
  • This tour can be customized to your wishes.
  • Deposit for this tour is 25%



Recreational, Road bike
6 days
Easy = untrained, normal physical condition
Moderate = regular cyclist, good condition
Challenging = experienced, well trained
Guided = with cycling guide(s) - support van
Self Guided = individual - directions+maps
Daily distance
40-60 km / 25-37 mi
Total distance
290 km / 180 mi
Deluxe = 4-5 star hotel or excellent B&B
Basic = 1-2 star hotel/motel or B&B
Camping = tent, sports hall or campus
Deluxe, room & breakfast
Luggage transport
Daily luggage transfers
01 Jan 2022 - 31 Dec 2022
Tour can start any date.

From leisure to epic cycling, the route can be customized to your wishes.

Kailua-Kona or Waikoloa
Kailua-Kona or Waikoloa
Airport at start
Kona International Airport
Airport at finish
Kona International Airport

Prices *Please note the prices are subject to change depending availability*

Price per person / please note the prices are subject to change depending availability
The tour price per person
$ 2,850.-
shuttle from Kona Int. Airport
There is a $50 surcharge per couple, per transfer for pick-ups or drop-offs at Kona International (KOA) Airport. Only available on the first and last days of the tour.
$ 50.-
shuttle to Kona Int. Airport
There is a $50 surcharge per couple, per transfer for pick-ups or drop-offs at Kona International (KOA) Airport. Only available on the first and last days of the tour.
$ 50.-


Included / Not Included – lodging

Day 1: Kailua-Kona to Honoka’a

The Intermediate ride starts with a van transfer to Waimea; a charming country town surrounded by cattle ranches. From Waimea, you head east along the Old Mamalahoa Highway. This little-traveled road meanders across open ranchland, with views up to Mauna Kea, before descending through tropical woodland to Honoka’a. In places, the trees completely cover the road creating a verdant, magical tunnel. 20 miles with 600 feet of climbing
Leisure riders will be transfered beyond Waimea, partway along the Old Mamalahoa Highway to join the Intermediate route described above. 10 miles with 250 feet of climbing
Challenge riders will start their ride in Waikoloa climbing directly away from the ocean, through Waikoloa Village, to Waimea. The main part of the climb is 15 miles but great views open up behind you down to the coast. From Waimea, you join the Intermediate route, described above. 40 miles with 3,600 feet of climbing
Epic riders will start riding in Kona from where you follow the Ironman triathlon route. The ride parallels the coast as it crosses exposed lava fields to Waikoloa. From Waikoloa, you join the Challenge route, described above 65 miles with 4,500 feet of climbing.

Overnight town: Honoka á

Honoka’a is an old sugar town, nicely off the beaten (tourist) path. The town is unpretentious with a small, historic downtown, which includes a couple of nice cafés, an interesting antique store, and an old movie theater. Honoka’a is also the gateway town for the Waipi’o Valley

Day 2: Honoka’a to Hilo

Today you head south from Honoka’a down the east coast of the island. How much of the route you ride will depend on your appetite for miles. While we get you off the highway wherever possible, some of the riding is on the main highway and this stretch of road can be a little busy and sometimes rainy. Despite the challenges, you are rewarded with some lush, tropical riding alongside the ocean, over rivers and past waterfalls. There are also several botanical gardens en route that make for pleasant stopping points.
The Leisure ride heads south from Honoka’a on a series of smaller lanes before joining the highway near the small village of Paauilo. After a further 10 miles, we collect you for your transfer to Hilo. 15 miles with 800 feet of climbing
The Intermediate ride follows the Leisure ride out of town and then continues south (on-and-off the main highway). The ride ends at the Hakalau botanical gardens. 30 miles with 1,900 feet of climbing
Challenge riders ride all the way from Honoka’a to Hilo. The ride is undulating rather than mountainous, but the heat and the risk of rain make this a challenging-but-rewarding 50-mile ride.
50 miles with 2,900 feet of climbing.

Overnight town: Hilo

The relaxed, lush, charming city of Hilo seems trapped in a 1950s time-warp – and therein lies its charm. Despite being ignored by most tourists, the town has good museums and vibrant markets. It is also the fourth wettest city in the USA but showers are typically short and most of the rain falls at night.

Day 3: Hilo to Volcano

The highlight of today’s ride is the 10-mile “Red Road” along the Puna coast. This is one of the most scenic stretches of road in the state of Hawaii. Being tucked away in the eastern corner of the Island, it is little-visited and you will see very few cars. The road hugs the rugged coastline: sometimes along cliffs, sometimes through dense jungle. Lava fields, coconut groves and beaches add to the beauty.
Leisure riders will transfer to the laid-back hippie town of Pāhoa. From here you ride down to the coast and along the stunning Red Road before being collected for your transfer to Volcano. 20 miles with 700 feet of climbing
The Intermediate ride is similar to the Leisure ride with the addition of riding back up the hill to Pāhoa. 25 miles with 1,700 feet of climbing
The Challenge ride follows the Intermediate ride but continues from Pāhoa all the way to Volcano – climbing over 3,000 feet in 30 miles. 55 miles with 5,100 feet of climbing
There is also an Epic ride that takes you all the way from Hilo to Volcano including a side loop to Pāhoa and the Red Road 75 miles with 6,000 feet of climbing.

Overnight town: Volcano

The village of Volcano is a small cluster of houses, restaurants and stores in a rainforest just outside Volcanoes National Park. Being uphill from the calderas, however, it is unaffected by lava flows. The rain makes for very lush vegetation but the elevation (3,700 ft) means that temperatures are relatively cool

Day 4: Volcano Loops

Today you visit Volcanoes National Park – one of the must-visit sites in Hawaii. The park encompasses two active volcanoes: Kīlauea, the world’s most active volcano, and Mauna Loa, one of the world’s largest volcanoes. The park has dramatic landscapes as well as rare flora and fauna. The Leisure ride heads into the Park for a circuit that takes in the Kilauea Visitor Center, steam vents and lava tubes. There is also some great hiking available. 10 miles with 450 feet of climbing
The Intermediate loop heads a little further into the Park; riding partway down the famous Chain of Craters Road that goes from lush forest to lava desert in just a few miles. 20 miles with 1,200 feet of climbing.
Challenge riders follow the Chain of Craters Road all the way down to the ocean, where the road has been terminated by recent lava flows. The climb back up rises over 4,000 feet and has expansive views 50 miles with 4,500 feet of climbing.

Overnight town: Volcano

Day 5: Volcano to Captain Cook

The jewel in today’s ride is the stunningly beautifuland-deserted Cane Haul Road. This deserted back road takes you through woodland, sugar-cane fields, and meadows. You also get great views of cinder cones and the ocean.
Today’s Intermediate ride starts with a short van transfer over the first hill before enjoying a 20-mile rolling descent to the old sugar-town of Pahala. From Pahala, you ride the length of Cane Haul Road to Naalehu – an unassuming town with an excellent Hawaiian bakery. From Naalehu you will be collected for a van transfer to Captain Cook. 30 miles with 1,100 ft
The Leisure riders will take a transfer to Pahala where they join the Intermediate ride. 15 miles with 1,000 ft
Challenge riders follow the Intermediate route but add on an initial seven miles that includes a climb through Volcanoes National Park. 40 miles with 1,400 ft
Epic riders start out following the Challenge route but eschew the van transfer in favor of riding all the way into Captain Cook. NOTE: the mileage of this route varies depending where you stay – 85 miles with 4,300 ft (Ka’awa Loa) or 80 miles with 3,600 ft (Horizon)

Overnight town: Captain Cook

Captain Cook is a cluster of B&BS, low-key restaurants, and cafés. The town’s boundaries lie between 800- and 2,000-feet, which makes it an ideal area for growing coffee as well as having stunning ocean views.

Day 6: Captain Cook to Kailua-Kona – Last Day

It is a relatively short distance from Captain Cook to Kailua-Kona; from a tiny hamlet perched high up in the hills to a bustling seaside town. En route, you pass several coffee farms and a chocolate factory.
The Intermediate route heads north from Captain Cook following the ridge through Holualoa and the main coffee-growing areas. The route ends with a four-mile descent into Kailua-Kona. 15 miles with 800 ft (Ka’awa Loa), 25 miles with 1,700 ft (Horizon)
On leaving Captain Cook, the Leisure route heads directly down to the coast from where you cruise alongside the ocean to Kailua-Kona. 10 miles with 500 ft (Ka’awa Loa), 20 miles with 1,300 feet (Horizon)
Challenge riders follow the Intermediate route south but then take a detour up Kaloko Drive. Climbing 3,000 feet in just 7 miles, this is something of a local challenge. Your guide will meet you in Kailua-Kona for your end-of-tour transfer. 40 miles with 4,300 ft (Ka’awa Loa), 50 miles with 5,100 ft (Horizon)

Overnight town: None

As this is the last day of your tour, there is no overnight accommodation unless explicitly requested on booking

* This is a general itinerary. Tour itineraries are subject to change based on the group, available accommodations and other unforeseen circumstances such as the weather, local conditions, government intervention, that may affect the quality of the trip and/or safety of the participants. Please view this itinerary as an outline as to what to expect on this tour.

For lodging, Tips and notes, Weather, and Optional extras see PDF file below


Private transfer from/to downtown Kailua-Kona or a Kohala Coast hotel.
Bike set up and detailed map briefing at the start of your tour. GPS units, cycling maps, and a custom guidebook; one set per couple.
Guide available by phone from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
On-call roadside assistance available from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM for mechanical issues.
Luggage transported between lodgings and wine collection service.
Transfers along all or part of the route to coincide with luggage moves – to be arranged at least 24 hours in advance.
Snacks and ride food.
Concierge service for activity and meal reservations.
Accommodation for each night of your tour with breakfast the following morning (unless breakfast is explicitly excluded in the accommodation description earlier).
Prices quoted are per person but assume there are two people sharing a room. We book standard rooms with one bed unless an upgrade is requested and then extra charges may apply. Accommodation is subject to availability at the time of booking.

Not included

Flights to and from the tour.
Lunches and dinners though we are pleased to make reservations for you.
An on-bike guide.
Transfers to sites to which it is not practical to ride. We are pleased to arrange for such transfers for a fee.
Activities such as snorkeling, kayaking tours, helicopter flights and spa treatments (our guides would be pleased to make suggestions)

Travel Safely

Our health-screened guides are available throughout your tour and will wear masks and take distancing precautions.

Overnight accommodations have been screened to help ensure they follow distancing protocols and sanitize rooms between guests.

Our equipment, from bikes to vans, are sanitized before and after serving guests.

Map & Routes



Hybrid, road bike and
available see PDF file below this page.


Hawaii lodging ect
bicycle rental
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