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Cross Country Challenge 3rd section



The Cross Country Challenge is a terrific 52 days coast to coast bicycle ride. For the cyclist who cannot take 52 days off, but still wants to ride the Cross Country Challenge, try our 3th section of this tour. Cross the high plains of Colorado and Kansas from Pueblo CO to Saint Joseph MO.

Road bike
9 days
1110 km / 690 mi
$ 2,800.-
  • This is a Ride/Event, a tour with 20-40 participants.
  • Experienced cycling guides, luggage transport and support van.
  • Snacks, drinks and fresh fruit during the day.
  • Good motels and hotels; breakfast and dinner included.
  • Night before and after not included.
  • There are 5 more sections.



Road bike
9 days
Easy = untrained, normal physical condition
Moderate = regular cyclist, good condition
Challenging = experienced, well trained
Guided = with cycling guide(s) - support van
Self Guided = individual - directions+maps
Daily distance
120-140 km / 75-87 mi
Total distance
1110 km / 690 mi
Deluxe = 4-5 star hotel or excellent B&B
Basic = 1-2 star hotel/motel or B&B
Camping = tent, sports hall or campus
Basic hotel, half board
Luggage transport
Daily luggage transfers
Not included
22 Jun 2019 - 30 Jul 2019
Saint Joseph
Airport at start
Denver Int. Airport
Airport at finish
Rosecrans Memorial Airport


Price per person
The tour price per person
$ 2,800.-
Single supplement
If you travel alone a single supplement is charged. With some group tours you can avoid a single supplement by sharing a room with another rider.
$ 450.-


The high plains

The high plains are featured in the Tour de Plains. You will head out of Pueblo CO for two back-to-back century days that cross the border into Kansas. The rolling hills give way to the flat Kansas prairie. The name Kansas is derived from the Sioux word meaning “people of the south wind.” If all goes well, you will spend most of your time riding east to northeast with a wind primarily coming out of the south to southwest.

The miles will fly and you combine the prevailing wind with the slight but persistent downhill moving across the state from west to east. We spend a night in Dodge City where you can take in a shootout and the Long Branch Variety Show featuring Miss Kitty and her Can-Can dancers. All across Kansas, distant silos mark the next town and if you imagine them painted green with a little glitter, you just might discover the inspiration for Emerald City.

After riding by several stockyards, replete with all the livestock sites, sounds, and smells, you will cross the halfway point of the Cross Country Challenge. East of Topeka the ride travels through the Flint Hills. Hills in Kansas? Absolutely! You will spend a day riding through one of the last great swaths of tall grass prairie in the US. Crossing the Missouri River, we head north through a taste of Missouri hills and into Saint Joseph.

Map & Routes

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