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Abbreviation:   CT          Time zone:   Eastern Time Cycling conditions From an environmental point of view (CO2 reduction) the state encourages cycling. The infrastructure is still not very well designed for bicycle use. In more densely populated areas, the cyclist shares the road with more traffic. Landscape Connecticut is a small state on the West Coast and is mostly covered with woods and forests. The northwest is mountainous and hilly, the south-eastern (coastal) area is relatively flat. The state has many lakes, nature reserves and recreation areas. Climate By the predominant landwinds, this state has a mild continental climate on the eastern coast: warm summers and cold winters. In the autumn it can be surprisingly warm, with daytime temperatures around 77° ( 25 ° C.) These autumn temperatures, combined with the shortening of days is called the "Indian Summer" and manifests itself in spectacular fall colors in the woods.
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