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The types of bike tours in the USA

We offer three types of cycling tours


The relaxed upright way of cycling on paved roads is called "Recreational" in the U.S. Keywords are: fun, fitness, adventure. Recreational bikes (often hybrids or cross bikes) have 14 or more derailer gears, a rear rack, comfortable wider tires (though not as ‘fat’ as on mountain bikes) and sometimes front suspension. Recreational tour bicycles are of high quality and almost never more than two years old.
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Road bikes

The sporty way of cycling on paved roads on a lightweight bicycle with dropdown handlebars and derailleur gear system. Road biking in the U.S. is similar to what Europeans call Race - this only has to do with the type of bike, you will not be part of a road race competition.
If 'inclusive' or 'rental' is indicated at a tour, these bicycles are of renowned brands and equipped with high quality parts. For longer tours (20+ days) you have to bring your own bike.
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Mountain bikes

Mountain Biking refers to a specific type of bike with a light sturdy frame, broad deep treaded tires, and multiple gears, designed for riding off road and on mountainous terrain. In the U.S. mountain biking has an extra dimension because of the greatness and the variety of landscapes. Our tour leaders will help you to increase your cycling skills and they have all the necessary licences to let you cycle in the rural areas of the State Parks and National Parks. Certain areas in the U.S. are very isolated and desolated. Therefore some mountain bike tours are only offered as guided tours, for security reasons.
For most MTB tours a bike is 'Inclusive' or 'Rental'. These bikes are of excellent quality and usually not more than one year old. Moreover, the geometry of the bikes matches with the local terrain.
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More and more tour operators offer E-bikes and E-road bikes.
Per tour you can find the E-bike option under the bicycle details.
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