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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the support during a self-guided tour?

You ride individually but you get maps and directions. Our local partner is also always available if you require assistance.

How do I get to the tour start where will I be dropped off after the tour finish?

For some tours there are so-called transfer sites (the 'meeting-points'). This may be an airport, train station or a motorhome or rental car depot. Transfer between such places and the tour start/finish are provided free of charge or for a fee by the tour company. Such is noted at the tour characteristics. You can choose different meeting point(s) for we will offer the most advantageous transfer rate. We take care of a perfect connection with your tour.

When does my tour start and end?

Both start and finish times of the tour are listed at the tour features. At the start there is time for instruction of routes and equipment, and sometimes a short local bike tour. At the guided tours there is often a communal dinner where you get to know the other tour participants. Most tours end on the morning of the last day, after breakfast. If you want to arrive before the tour start or stay after the tour finish we can book you extra accommodation nights.

Is it safe to cycle in the U.S.?

The traffic behavior of Americans is neat, quiet and generally more tolerant than in other countries. The security measures of our U.S. partners is reflected in the choice of safe cycling routes and excellent equipment. As in any country there are motorists in the U.S. who think they own the road and cyclists do not belong there.

What kind of weather can I expect?

The U.S. is very large and there are large climatic differences. We offer tours when weather conditions are best. Detailed information about the weather in America can be found at "The USA>Climate" and also at "Cycling regions".

What can I do if the weather is very bad for cycling?

At a guided tour you will then be moved by the support van. When you do a self-guided tour, you can use public transportation for yourself and your bike to transfer to the next place. You can also ask our local partner for advice.

What if I break down on my rental bike?

At a guided tour the guide or the support-van crew will repair or replace the bicycle. During a self-guided tour, you take care of the simple repairs (e.g. a flat tire) yourself. In case of a more severe defect you can call our local partner. They will have the repair done by a local bicycle repair shop or they will have the rental bike replaced.

At a guided tour, I am riding with a group. What is the pace like?

First of all: it is your vacation and not a race. At each tour a certain level is given which indicates whether the tour matches your fitness and cycling experience. Even at guided tours your can often choose your own pace. If you are a fast cyclist you can use the route directions and go your own way. If you stop a lot or if you are a slow rider there is always a tour guide for you to pick you up or the support van that can take you and your bike.

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