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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make changes after booking my tour?

Yes. We always try to honor requests for changes in your booking but we are dependent on the local possibilities. Our statement in such case: the sooner the better. We cannot make tour changes within 14 days before the tour starts. The costs per change, or combination of changes are upward of Euro 75. –

What happens if I have to cancel my tour?

We charge 300 USD cancellation fee when you cancel the tour ninty(*) days or more before the tour start date the remaining tour price is refunded to you. Please note the cancellation fees can differ per tour. You can ask us for the correct cancellation fees for your chosen tour. In the future we will make this visible per tour.
- 90 to 30 days - 50% of the tour price
- 30 to 15 days - 75% of the tour price
- 15 to 0 days - 100% of the tour price
Please note that the following cancellation fees apply for all cross country tours and other tours for over 30 days if the cancellation request is received:
- 120 days or more before tour begins- USD 300
- 110 to 120 days- USD 1000
- 90 to 110 days- USD 1500
- 60 to 89 days - 50% of the Tour Price;
- 0 to 59 days - No refunds will be issued
All refunds are subject to a deduction of USD 300 per booking
Please note that the cancellation fees for the Coast to Coast are different.

Can the tour not take place?

Guided tours will occasionally not have enough participants. In such (rare) case, your tour can be cancelled until at least 30 days before the start. If possible we offer alternatives and if that is not possible, we shall of course refund all payments made until then.

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