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Cycling in the USA?

The beauty of the American landscapes are unparalleled and the cycling routes of our tours are beautiful and varied. Cycling is an excellent way to experience the local people and culture. Check more than 100 bike tours in all parts of the USA.

Don't be that person who gets to the end of their life and thinks, "I wish I had accomplished my dream of traveling the USA by bicycle".

Travel documents

Required travel documents for America

Health+ Health insurance

Health and health risks for cyclist in the U.S.

Rental bike or own bike?

Use a bicycle offered by the tour company in America or take you own bike with you on the plane

Cycling in the USA

Cycling in the United States.

Money / Gratuity

Use of cash money, dollars, bank card and traveller cheques during your holiday in the USA

Where and when

When and in which State of America it is best to do a cycling holiday


Weather and climate for cyclists in the USA


The geography of the United States of America

Time - Holidays

Time zones and time differences between Europe and the USA

Travel within the U.S.

Travelling options for cycling tourists within the Untied States


Electricity voltage, plugs and adapters in the United States


links to interesting websites

photographs/videos or stories

sharing photographs/videos or stories

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