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Dagboek Amerika (USA Diary), 6231 km cycling from the Pacific to the Atlantic is written by Frans Bevers (1949). He is a designer/design teacher and a passionate cyclist.
Frans P1010725
photo by Frans Bevers

In June and July 2014, Frans Bevers cycled with an international group from San Francisco, California to Portsmouth, North Hampshire: 6231 km in 47 days through 13 states. During this journey through the United States of America he kept a detailed diary, including notes about the landscape, the cities, the music, the people and his cycling adventure. Alongside day-to-day descriptions of his experiences, this publication presents numerous photos taken during the journey. Cycling through impressive landscapes such as the Bonneville Salt Flats, the Nevada desert, Monarch Pass at an altitude of 3448m in the Rocky Mountains, the Black Canyon in Colorado, along the Mississippi, Lake Erie and over the ‘rollers’ of Missouri. And the hundreds of kilometres cycling past soy and cornfields and the pitiful ‘feed farms’ in Kansas are also included.
Frans P1020237
photo by Frans Bevers

Bert Wagendorp (Dutch journalist and writer) wrote a review about this book: 'I have always found the idea of cycling through the USA a bit silly. But after reading this book I won't rule out the idea of doing this tour'.

The tour described in the book by Frans Bevers is the Cross Country Challenge. More information about the tour: >> Cross Country Challenge Tour

Dagboek Amerika can be bought online: >> Dagboek Amerika
Frans P1020870
photo by Frans Bevers
Written on: Mar, 06 2018
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