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US lawyer designs safe bike

The Boston lawyer Josh Zisson, who specializes in bicycle cases decided to make the safest bike on the road.

The bike has a dynamo hub in the front, which powers the daytime running lights. It also has a special tail light that senses that you’re braking. Yes, it has a brake light.

But there is one very special component that makes this the safest bike on the road: the retro-reflective coating. This coating is different from anything available on the market today. In 2008 a company called Halo Coatings developed a retro-reflective powder coat for guardrails and signposts. Unlike existing retro reflective tech that is produced as a laminate (i.e. 3M Scotchlite), Halo came up with an ultra-durable reflective coating that can be applied to just about anything (metal, plastic, rubber, etc.) at a fraction of the cost of reflective tape.

When you shine a light on most surfaces, the reflection tends to be either diffuse (the reflected light is sent out in all different directions), or specular, where the light is sent out in a single direction (ex: a mirror). The retro-reflective surface of Zisson’s bike does something different. It sends the light back in the direction of its source. and the returned light from a retro-reflective (bicycle) surface can be seen at a much greater distance in low light conditions. When headlights hit it, the whole bike glows bright white, making it next to impossible for drivers to miss.
Written on: Feb, 19 2013
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