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Students love cycling.

While professional cycling has mired itself in controversy, at the grassroots level the sport in the USA could hardly be healthier.

A new documentary shows the remarkable impact of a growing high school cycling movement. “Singletrack High” follows a diverse group of individuals through a mountain bike racing series for high school students only. Students at these events report a social dynamic that is fundamentally different to bicycle races provided primarily for adults, and it seems they can't get enough of them. High school mountain biking events have become so popular in northern California that more than 500 students regularly show up to races. Marin county now has a mountain bike team in every high school.

The 67-minute documentary explores a range of positive outcomes of keeping kids active on bikes at the age when many would trade in two wheels for four and may be attracted to more sedentary indoor activities.

"Singletrack High" documentary trailer
Written on: Feb, 22 2013
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