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MacGyver Bike Hacks

Macgyver. The man in the series from the 80's that brought us DIY: the practical application of scientific knowledge and inventive use of common items. There is no problem he could not solve with his clever solutions.

Sometimes you can get unexpected problems along the road while cycling. We are here to give you some bike hacks that will help you through the most unpredictable rides. If you have any tips of your own, please share them on our facebook page with #USABIKETOURSDIY >> Facebook USA Bike Tours

Number 1

Coathanger toaster After a great night of sleep you wake up and want to have a good start to your cycling day. What better way to start then with toasted bread for breakfast! But you don't have a toaster or electricity... what do you do now?
We introduce: The Coat Hanger Toaster.
You need: a coat hanger, pair of pliers and bread ofcourse!
To do: Straighten out the coat hanger with the plier, fold the length of the coat hanger in half, form a twist at the split end to make a Y shape, at last make a U shape form with the 2 ends and you have your DIY toaster! The only thing left to do is make a camp fire and toast your bread.
Source: Find a more detailed version here.

Number 2

GBAG_4 A very easy but very handy tip for your cycling trip: The Garbage Bag Liner.
You need: a backpack and same size garbage bag.
To do: the only thing you need to do is to put the garbage bag inside your backpack. This is an excellent defense against rain and wet ground!

Number 3

pexels-photo-266896 After a long bike ride it's time to fire up the stove... but there is no stove! Don't panic, you can make one by just using a beer can (aluminium), a knife and pure alcohol (or spirit).
We introduce: The Beer Can Stove
To do: first cut the top of the can, cut the can in half, dent the edges of the top half, place them over each other with the opening on the top, make small holes in the stove, fill it with a bit of the alcohol and light it up. Your stove is done!
Please find the original beer can stove video here: Youtube

Please note these DIY-tips are at your own risk!
Written on: Jul, 24 2019
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