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How has the coronavirus changed cycling habits?

The Coronavirus pandemic is changing the way everyone goes about their daily lives

So how has the coronavirus changed cycling habits? If you read the newspapers and news articles, it is clear that more people are cycling during the pandemic than before. Less crowded streets make for nicer cycling. And people who have been cooped up at home want to get out and get some fresh air, and what better way to do that then to ride a bike!

Bike shops tell they are selling more bikes then pre-pandemic, people want to cycle!

Will that lead to new and better cycling infrastructure in the future? One can certainly hope so. And the fact that more people are enjoying cycling than pre-pandemic suggests that more people will be open to the idea of sharing the road with cyclists, because more people are becoming cyclists themselves.

If we are to take some positives from the pandemic, perhaps it is how it is changing peoples perceptions and habits for the better. Realizing the value of nature and our outside world , and it’s affects on our mental and physical well being. And the importance to make room not only for cars, but for pedestrians and cyclists as well.

During the pandemic automobile lanes were closed to make more walking and cycling infrastructure available, to make room so that people could safely social distance while getting outside.

People see the value of making this space available during the pandemic. And now that people have had a taste of how joyful cycling can be with less traffic and more infrastructure,how likely is it that the future becomes more cycle friendly? and how does that change the future of cycle touring? More cycle friendly destinations? More family friendly tours perhaps? USA Bike Tours is committed now, more than ever before, to bring you one convenient place to search for all the great tours out there, and for all the great tours to come in the future!
Written on: May, 29 2020
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