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E-bikes in the USA

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The e-bike is not a new concept in the USA. “The e-bike category is clearly here to stay, as evidenced in these exciting numbers over the past two years,” said Pat Hus, Vice President, Interbike. If you are not confident enough yet to go on a bike tour, an e-bike tour could be the perfect fit for you.

About e-bikes

An electric bike (or e-bike) has an integrated electric motor which will help you cycle up a hill or keep up with others.
The average speed of an e-bike is 15 mph and if you think you won't get any excersize you are mistaken. A study of the University of Colorado Boulder shows that riding an e-bike still has health benefits. Riding an e-bike requires a low but healthy effort. It is the perfect balance.

E-bikes on your vacation

Renting an e-bike on your vacation is a great way to discover the country. You won't feel that tired after your tour and a steep hill has never been that easy. A lot of travel companies in the USA rent out e-bikes now. An e-bike could be helpfull when you have a tour where the terrain is quite hilly or when the distances are longer than you are used to.

Our e-bike tours

Are you getting excited about e-bikes? If so, we have made a short list of our e-bike tours:
We also have other tours with e-bikes, if you are interested please contact us.

Written on: Mar, 28 2018
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