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Cycling Clothes can save your life!

The right cycling clothes can make your tour very comfortable

Not only does a cycling short prevent saddle pain but a helmet can save your life during a fall and rain gear can protect you from the cold.

Which cycling clothes do we recommend during a bicycle tour? Find our tips below:
– The bicycle helmet. A helmet will keep your head cool and protect you during an accident, an important part of your outfit!
– Outerwear. When you are going to cycle in cold weather the 3 layer principle is the way to go! A windcoat can also be handy when it is very windy.
– Cycling shorts. They have padding that will help with irritation during cycling.
– Rain gear. It is always a good idea to bring a rainsuit during your tour. Do we need to say more?
– Clothing for when it is sunny. Bring a cap and sunglasses. Also don't forget to put on sunscreen!
– Cycling gloves. You will have more grip on the handlebars and you will be less likely to get a strain. At the same time it is protection for when you fall.
– Cycling Shoes have a stiff sole for efficient pedaling.

These tips are from the Dutch book: de BIG Bicycle Vacation Book, by Eric Schuijt & Janne Keurlings: >> Buy Here
Written on: Jun, 05 2019
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